hanging clothes on clothesline

Hanging Clothes on a Clothesline

hanging clothes activity

Do your kids like helping you out with folding the laundry, sorting silverware into the right spot or using the duster to dust all the surfaces?
As soon as I begin doing one or the other, my kids run up to help. Of course it’s not always perfect and the way I would do it but what counts is their effort and willingness!

So today I’m sharing an easy and fun Hanging Your Clothes Activity.

hanging clothes activity

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Kids clothing


Hang the clothesline. I simply found a random corner in the house where I could use the furniture to secure the clothesline. Pre-hang the clothespins right onto the clothesline. Bring out a basket/pile of your child’s clothes (socks, shorts, undies, t-shirts) and have your child hang them up!

This activity worked perfectly with Alina (4), and she wasn’t done until she finished hanging all the clothes from the pile 🙂 What a dedicated helper!

Viktor (2) had fun with this activity too, not playing by the rules. It may be a little more difficult for younger children to open the clothespins, but with adults help younger children can enjoy this activity too.

hanging clothes activity

What is my child learning?

-Small motor skills

-Chores/housework, instilling habits

-Coordination skills

hanging clothes on clothesline

Have fun teaching your kids about housework and daily chores, it can be super fun!

hanging clothes

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