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Sidewalk Chalk Maze


Mazes are super fun to do but they’re even more fun when they’re live size!
Using sidewalk chalk is an easy way to create a live sized maze as large, small, easy or hard as you want.
I’ve made a simple one with only a few dead ends so Viktor (2) could also participate along with my older child, Alina (4).

Let’s begin and create something fun!

sidewalk chalk maze for toddlers

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Sidewalk chalk



To begin, write out start. Work your way up creating a maze with dead ends to make it more fun and a bit more difficult. Keep you child’s age in mind and make it as easy or hard as you’d like. I drew sad faces at the dead ends which showed it’s the wrong way, at the top/end of the maze write out finish.

That’s it! So fun!

maze with sidewalk chalk

What is my child learning?

-Problem solving

Gross motor skills

Are you ready to make some crazy mazes with your little ones?


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