circle hop game

Circle Hop

circle hop game

Everyone loves sidewalk chalk! Chalk is fun, colorful and easy to hold for young kids. Kids can create some amazing artwork right outside in the sunshine and parents love how easily it gets cleaned up by the rain:)

This Circle Hop is super easy to set up and delivers loads of fun for the little ones.

circle hop game

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Sidewalk chalk



Simply draw large circles with one color to create a path with them. Draw them a few inches apart from each other. Then use different colors and draw many other shapes around the “circle path” as you can.

The child has to find his way and only hop onto the circles, avoiding other shapes in order not to lose.

Simple enough for any age, even toddlers. My two year old had a blast hopping around!

circle hop game

What is my child learning?


-Discerning shapes

-Gross motor skills

circle hop game

So go ahead and do this fun Circle Hop game today, all you need is chalk and some hopping bunnies! 🙂

circle hop

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