sticker art craft

Sticker Art

sticker art craft

This is a super easy craft to set up and costs literally a couple dollars! I’ve set this up primarily for my daughter, Alina (4), but my younger one (2) joined in on the fun.

All you need is a package of color coded labels (stickers) and piece of card stock, that’s it!

I came up with this Sticker Art craft in about 5 minutes, no kidding. One night my kids were bored out of their minds and it didn’t seem like they wanted to play with any of their toys. It happens time to time and when that does I quickly try to grasp their attention by coming up with something fun for them to do. Once I set it up, Alina was all in. She loved the idea! Coloring is always fun, but coloring with stickers is SUPER fun!

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So let’s get this craft set up (if you can even call it a set up!)



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Color coded labels or dot stickers



To start, simply draw a large, simple picture on a piece of cardstock (trust me, kids won’t judge your drawing skills). That’s it!

sticker art craft

You can draw anything you’d like. I drew a house and a sun with a cloud for my daughter and a large car for my son (no pictures of my son’s art though due to his lack of concentration and interest, in other words he sort of destroyed it ha ha).

What is my child learning?



-Small motor skills


(I love how Alina’s face is sooo concentrated 🙂 She literally did this for a good 30 minutes!)

sticker dot craft for toddler


Are you ready to make this easy peasy Sticker Art craft with your kiddos?

sticker art

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