addition hop scotch activity

Addition Hop Scotch

math hop scotch

This simple Addition Hop Scotch is a breeze to set up and incorporates math, physical movement and the outdoors all in one!

Math can be difficult and boring to learn, especially for toddlers and young kids, but with this hop scotch game it doesn’t have to be!

addition hop scotch

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Draw a large rectangle and write a simple math problem in it. Above and to the right of the rectangle, draw a large circle with the correct sum in it. To the left of it draw another large circle and write the wrong sum in it. Work your way up using the same pattern to create a hop scotch using addition!

To begin the child has to jump right onto the problem and then from it jump into the circle with the right answer. Keep jumping and solving math problems.

addition hop scotch

What is my child learning?


-Gross motor skills


hop scotch

addition hop scotch

addition hop scotch

Math doesn’t have to be boring! When are you going to create this fun addition game with your kids?

hop scotch

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