paper roll tube tunnel drop

Paper Roll Tube Tunnel Marble Drop


This is a super interesting and engaging activity for children of all ages and all you need is a few toilet paper or paper towel rolls!

My kids, (4 and 2) enjoyed this fun activity for quite some time, dropping marbles into the tunnels and seeing where they go and come out.

Setting up takes less than 5 minutes, isn’t that convenient!

paper roll tube tunnel drop


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Paper roll tubes

Scotch tape



Starting at the height of your youngest child, tape paper roll tubes leaving half an inch between the tubes. Create a pattern and make sure to tape the tubes horizontally at a slight angle, this way the marbles won’t fly out of the tubes too fast. Work your way down. Done!

paper roll tunnel marble drop

It’s simple and nothing fancy, but the best part is that you probably have all the materials at home already!


What is my child learning?

-Small motor skills

-Problem solving

paper roll tube tunnel marble drop


Do you have or save paper roll tubes and need a quick idea what to make with them? Enjoy!


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