Pool noodle balance beam

Pool Noodle Balance Beam

pool noodle balance beam

It doesn’t get any easier than this, a pool noodle as a balance beam. But yet the simplest forms of activities are the best and most fun for young children and toddlers.

Simple activities are easier for toddlers to catch on to, become fully engaged in and learn. Viktor (2) had a blast walking on this super soft beam, holding on to the side of the bed (even falling seemed fun!). Alina (4) also had a great time learning and sharpening her balancing skills and challenging herself.

pool noodle beam

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Pool Noodle 



Start by placing the pool noodle away from corners or anything that the child can get hurt from. I did this activity by my bed so both of my kids could hold on to something as they try to balance. Have your children walk on the beam with the help of furniture at first and then move on to letting go and balancing by spreading their arms. Be careful, the noodle is wobbly!

pool noodle balance beam

What is my child learning?


Such an easy activity but so fun and good for the kids!

balance beam

Do you have a pool noodle laying around in the garage? Go grab it and have some fun learning something new with your toddlers!

pool noodle balance


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