box doll house

Cardboard Box Doll House

doll house

I came up with this little doll house after watching a box from one of my Amazon deliveries laying around for a couple of days. I thought instead of throwing it away, I would use it and do something fun with it. One thing that came straight to my mind was to create a little, cozy doll house. And it was a great idea and a good use for the box!

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Alina (4) and Viktor (2) both loved to create it, decorate it and move their new tenants in, for which they chose Paw Patrol puppies 🙂

box doll house



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-Cardboard box

Utility knife

Printed felt

Colorful cardstock

Hot glue gun

Glue sticks

Craft scissors



Start by using your utility knife to cut out the windows and the door. MAKE SURE YOU ARE AWAY FROM YOUR CHILDREN AND PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL! (I did all the cutting prior to letting my kids in on the fun). Once the door and windows are cut out, use your cardstock to cut out a rectangle for the door, and hot glue it to the inside of the box. I cut out a floral “wreath” from another floral printed cardstock I’ve had and glued it onto the door. Then, draw a handle with a black permanent marker. Cut some curtains out from the printed felt, I did “fancier” curtains but you can do simple curtain panels, hot glue from the inside. Lastly, I did window shutters for both of the windows for a welcoming look. You can add a lot more detail to the doll house, or leave it as I did. How sweet looking is it?

doll house

doll house

What is my child learning?

-Creative play

-Small motor skills (cutting out)


box doll house

Do you have an empty box laying around? Don’t throw it away just yet, make a doll house and create some play!

doll house

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