popsicle stick puzzles

Popsicle Stick Number Puzzles

These Popsicle Stick Puzzles are super easy to make, inexpensive and will make learning so much fun! All you need is a couple of art supplies and that’s it! Kids as young as 3 can enjoy this activity. Key is to use different colors for each number, this way the child can easily identify the three sticks that go together to make a number.

popsicle stick number puzzles


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Popsicle sticks

Permanent markers



Start by putting 3 Popsicle sticks together, lining them up. Write a large number with one marker color and then make the number bold. Use a different color for each number/3 Popsicle sticks. Done!

popsicle stick puzzles


Look at the excitement of my 4 year old!


stick puzzles


What is my child learning?




popsicle stick puzzles

Go ahead and make these easy handmade puzzles today!


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