drawing on balloons

Drawing on Balloons

drawing on balloons

This is a simple toddler activity anyone can do with literally no prep, just a few latex balloons and markers. We recently celebrated our kids birthdays which were on August 8th and 9th. And on the day of their birthdays, my husband and I blew up a whole room full of balloons as a surprise for the kiddos when they woke up in the morning. They were so excited about the amount of the balloons and they had a blast running around kicking and catching them.

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Now, almost a week after the celebrations, these balloons began to deflate and well it’s sort of time to get rid of them. But before that, I decided to have a little bit of fun with them. I got my permanent markers out, and had the kids draw whatever they’d like right on the balloons. They spent good 30 minutes drawing on them, giggling at their creations and playing with them after!

drawing on balloons


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Latex balloons

-Permanent markers



This activity literally doesn’t need any explanation, right? It’s super simple. BUT…make sure the kids are careful with permanent markers, unless you want their skillful artwork on your walls and furniture! Also, beware the balloons can pop (we had one pop haha), so make sure your kids won’t get too scared or upset about that. Lastly, permanent markers work the best for this since they won’t smudge, but the do get stinky, so make sure you do this activity by an opened window, or better yet outside 🙂drawing on balloons

drawing on balloons

What is my child learning?



-Small motor skills

drawing on balloons

(even I had fun doing this activity!)

Do you have any balloons left over from any celebrations? Have some fun today!

drawing on balloons

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