duplo and beans sensory bin

LEGO DUPLO + Beans Sensory Bin

duplo bin

I wanted to come up with something that I’ll always have on hand and will grab my kids’ attention long enough for me to either get some daily chores done or cook. So I looked up some ideas and this is my take on the popular sensory bins.

I bought 3 different types of colored beans and in 3 different sizes, simply poured all of them out into a flat box (you can use a deep lid/cover too) and chose some appropriate toys from my kids’ room to put into the box. I thought some pieces from my kids’ LEGO DUPLO construction set would be perfect!

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scooping bin

sensory play

safari bin


When I brought it out they couldn’t wait to put their hands in and have fun with it. But I did give them two rules; no eating and the beans must stay in the box, because well you know…those are the two main missions of a 2 year old.

bean and duplo bin



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Flat container, large flat box or lid

-3 packages dried beans




Dump the beans into your container and let the kids enjoy some excavating and digging with their Duplo contruction trucks!

duplo sensory bin

What is my child learning?


-Small motor skills

-Independent play




Sensory play is amazing for toddlers and young children. It allows the development of sooo many areas of child. From creativity to fine motor skills to building independency!

sensory bin

What’s your favorite independent play activity?

beans sensory bin

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