plastic bag kite

Plastic Bag Kites

plastic bag kites

What’s better than an easy kids activity that only uses 2 items you probably already have at home? Maybe one that allows mommy to sit and watch her lovely kids play for whole 45 minutes?! YEP! So read on, because it doesn’t get easier than this.

plastic bag kite

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-Plastic bags



Simply clip the two handles of the plastic bag by the clothespin. That’s it! Now your kids are ready to run around with their little kites!

plastic bag kite

plastic bag kite


What is my child learning?

-Creative play

-Gross motor skills


These simple kites are great for kids of all ages! Kids will run around thus improving their gross motor skills and of course it’s as creative as it gets so they use their creativity.

Are you ready to have fun?!

plastic bag kite

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