playdough slicing

Play-dough Slicing

playdough slicing

Have you ever noticed that toddlers like slicing or breaking things into tiny bits and pieces? Toddlers like to be meticulous with what ever they’re doing and that’s actually so good for them! Using their little fingers to slice, cut, pull apart, rip off and grab helps develop and support fine motor skills, which is so important for their development.


Also, try these activities that help improve fine motor skills:

Practice Cutting Printables


3 Printables for the very little ones



safari bin


I love using Eco-Dough play-dough, it’s made with natural, non-toxic ingredients and home-made right in the USA. Oh, and it smells of a lovely rosemary scent!

playdough slicing


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Eco-Dough (THE BEST!)

-Play kitchen toy knives



All you need to do to set up this activity is to roll your play-dough into long logs. Allow your kids to carefully slice the logs (with play knives) and have fun using different colors or even shapes.

Let’s just say my kids did this for a long time (I was actually able to do a couple house chores. SCORE!)

playdough slicing

playdough slicing

What is my child learning?

-Fine motor skills

-Hand-eye coordination

-Life skills? 🙂

playdough slicing



Now get some play-dough and recreate this fun and educational activity for your toddlers today!

playdough slicing



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