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Copy Pipecleaner Stick Figures + Free Printable

pipecleaner copy

This is a great activity in so many ways! It’s perfect for when you need the kids to play independently or quietly so you can make those phone calls or get a bit of housework done. And it’s awesome as a calming activity for quite time or even time outs, etc.

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This activity worked wonderfully with Alina (4) and she got the hang of it super fast. She actually sat doing this (super concentrated and really into it) while I did some cooking and it was perfect let me tell you!

stick figure copy



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Copy the Pipecleaner Stick Figure <- click to print



Print the free printable I have attached above. Create a little stick figurine with one or two pipecleaners (depending on what size fugurine you want). It may take some practice, but it’s really easy. Now the fun part, have your kids copy the drawn stick figures, directing the arms and the legs the correct way as shown.

pipecleaner stick figure copy


Kids will have a lot of fun doing this trust me! Kids love to copy, don’t they!?

What is my child learning?

-Cognitive skills

-Fine motor skills


-Hand-eye coordination


This activity will help kids stay focused and concentrated on one thing for quite some time without any distractions (hopefully). It will also improve cognitive skills, such as analizing, evaluating and decision-making. And of course it’s also a great way to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which will help them strengthen their muscles in their hands and wrists.

pipecleaner activity


That’s a lot of learning, huh?! 🙂

copy pipecleaner stick

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