Mosaic Art

mosaic art

This is an easy craft little ones can enjoy and takes no time for the parent to prepare. It’s also a wonderful way to use up those old, random pieces of scrap paper that you may have from previous crafts and activities.

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What I love about this craft is that it’s wonderful for childrens’ development! They can have fun creating their personal pieces of art and learn to use their own imagination and creativity at the same time! Another aspect of development used and improved here is fine motor skills. Tots need to grasp and pick up the small pieces of scrap paper with their thumb and pointer finger and glue them onto their white “canvas”.


mosaic art


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Scrap paper

White card-stock

Glue sticks

Craft scissors



Cut the pieces of scrap paper into .5-1” pieces (parents can prepare this ahead of time). Using the glue stick, let your kids create a picture by gluing the scrap pieces together onto the white card stock. Using a wide variety of prints and colors for the cardstock makes this super fun.


mosaic art craft


What is my child learning?

-Fine motor kills




Do you have any scrap pieces of paper laying around at home? Why not have fun with it and create some master pieces!

mosaic art

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