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Duplo Copy Preschool Game

duplo copy

Do your kids love Duplo?! My kids just got a bunch of all sorts of Duplo for their birthday and added to their own collection. They can literally play with it all day!

This is a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers that develops many cognitive skills such as evaluating, analyzing and comparing. The activity itself takes less than 5 minutes and requires only a few Duplo pieces and a little imagination on your part.


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Duplo blocks



Choose a few bold, simple Duplo pieces and a large flat piece to build you “scene” on. Create a scene easy enough for the toddler to analyze and set it up. Once you are done, it’s your toddlers/preschoolers turn! Display your creative scene and give exactly the same pieces to your kids. Have them copy the Duplo pieces EXACTLY the way you have set them up. Have fun with this activity and a few mistakes are totally okay!


duplo copy


What is my child learning?

-Cognitive skills (thinking, evaluating, analyzing, comparing)

-Small motor skills



duplo copy

duplo copy

Do you have a set of Duplo blocks? Have fun learning with this fun activity!

duplo copy

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