safari sensory bin activity

Safari Sensory Bin

safari sensory bin activity

Sensory bins! Aren’t they the trend?

I absolutely love love love them for their simplicity, cost and because they offer such a wide range of development in kids. Oh, and of course because kids are just so amused by them they can spend hours playing with it!

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Take a look below at how easy this toddler activity is!


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Safari Animals Toys

Flat storage bin

-Rice (I used brown)



Dump the rice into the bin and set up your safari animals. Endless fun!

safari sensory bin


What is my child learning?

-Fine/small motor skills




There are so many benefits of sensory play! Sensory play helps build nerve connections for proper brain development, encourages the development of motor skills and helps with focus ( Sensory bins are a great way to exercise all of those important aspects of chid’s development.


safari sensory bin activity

Grab a bin and have fun!

safari bin

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