pipecleaner and straw activity

Pipecleaners + Straws Activity


Don’t mommy’s just love activities that will keep our babies, toddlers and young children busy and occupied for hours? I do! Engaging and fun activities, such as the Pipecleaners + Straws Activity, are great when mama needs to get some house work done, cook or better yet, relax!

This is a super easy activity to set up and you probably have the supplies (2, to be exact) right at home!

I’ll be honest with you…I got a bit of cleaning done, showered and even prepared myself a much needed snack. All the while kids were occupied, entertained and busy with the pipecleaners and straws (and quiet!) Win-win!

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pipecleaner and straw activity

(That concentrated look!)




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Pipecleaners (colorful are best)




All you need to do is place the pipecleaners and straws on a plate, tray or what ever you’d like to keep them all in one spot.


pipecleaner and straws activity


What is my child learning?


-Small/fine motor skills


-Hand-eye coordination


Isn’t it nice when the simplest activities deliver such a wide variety of development in children? In this activity a child improves and encourages further strengthening of small/fine motor skills by picking up the pipecleaners and straws with their pointer-finger and thumb. It improves their focus and hand-eye coordination and therefore promotes brain developement. And of course they’re learning their colors as they go.

pipecleaner and straws activity


So grab some straws and pipecleaners and get some chores done! 😉

toddler activity







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