distance jumping

Distance Pool Jumping Game using Chalk

chalk game

My kids love this Distance Jumping Game! I created this on a whim when I was outside with my kids and saw them jumping to see who would jump the furthest.

Best part about this activity is that it’s super easy to set up (all you need is sidewalk chalk!). I also love it because kids get to move, jump and have fun! I created this distance jumping game by drawing a little pool. This made everything soo soo much more fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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distance jumping


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Sidewalk chalk



Using sidewalk chalk, draw a rectangular pool big enough to draw a few lines in it (waves, or distance markers). I drew little people swimming and some waves (I’m not super creative, but you can use different colors and other doodles to make it even more fun). Lastly, draw a rectangle, the diving board, on which the child could stand on and jump from. That’s it! Let the children take turns and jump from the diving board. Mark their distance and have fun with it!

pool jumping

distance jumping game

What is my child learning?

-Gross motor skills



distance jumping

Have fun outdoors as the weather get cooler and more pleasant! ๐Ÿ™‚

chalk game

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