ice age bin

Ice Age Bin

ice age bin

This ice bin is PERFECT for hot days (it’s still super hot where we are!). Kid’s find ice so fasinating and adding safari animals to the bin is a super fun idea! My kids had such a great time feeling the slippery, cold ice and playing with their safari animals trying to place them on each icecube.

I love how easy it is to set up this Ice Age bin. In fact, this is why I do bins quite often, they take no effort for the parents!

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safari bin




ice age bin



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Safari Animals

Flat Storage bin




Dump the ice into your flat bin, add the safari animals and that’s it!

ice age bin

ice age bin


What is my child learning?

-Small motor skills

-Sensory play


-Independent play


ice age bin activity

Have fun with this activity!

ice age bin

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  1. Fun! Now that my children are a little older (ages 6 and 9), I do something similar to this but with a twist. I freeze small toys into bins of water overnight, and then, I let them chip the ice away with a hammer the next day. They think this is great fun! It’s a great way to encourage outdoor play on a hot summer day.

    1. Veronika says:

      Oh that sounds like a lot of fun! I have to try that next time:)

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