paper snail craft

Paper Snail Craft

paper snail

Isn’t this the sweetest looking snail?!

It’s a super easy craft anyone can do with their preschoolers and even toddlers. I wanted this craft to be easy enough for Viktor (2) to do along with Alina (4), so I pre-cut the pieces of paper ahead of time, prepared a couple gluesticks and kept it simple with my directions.

They loved to get to choose their own colors for the snail and absolutely loooveed to use their gluesticks and glue it all together, add the googly eyes and see it wobble!


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paper snail craft



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Craft paper (colored)

Googly eyes

Permanent marker

Child-safe scissors

Glue sticks



Pre-cut (or cut with your child) 5 different pieces of paperstrips, all different lengths. Curl them one by one and glue to connnect to make a circle. Do this with each paperstrip. Then glue each circle into the other, starting from largest circle. After, cut a long strip of paper (about 8 inches), creating little antennas towards the top, slightly curl the whole paperstrip. Peel and stick the two googly eyes, with the permanent marker draw the mouth, nose and eye lashes. You may want to help your child in this step. Lastly, glue your curled/glued 5 pieces of paper onto the snail base. That’s it, watch it wobble back and forth!


paper snail craft

paper snail craft

paper snail craft


What is my child learning?

-Using scissors

-Using glue

-Small/fine motor skills

-Hand-eye coordination



paper snail craft


Isn’t this snail so cute? Make this craft with your kids today, your kids will love it!


paper snail

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