post it math activity

Post-It Math

post it math

Kids love Post-It notes! They’re colorful, sticky and what’s a better way to learn math than with these little squares?

My kids love sticker activities. Picking, peeling and sticking stickers is super fun, so I thought creating an activity that uses Post-It notes is an awesome idea, especially to incorporate math and get the kids moving as well as learning at the same time!

Viktor (2) obviously doesn’t even what the word “math” means, which is okay, so he just played along. Alina, however, (4, who just started pre-k!) had a fun time doing this math activity and she felt so SMART when she solved each math problem!


post it math activity


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So let’s begin and let me explain this fun and super simple activity as well as what you’ll need!



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Post-It Notes




With your Sharpie, write age appropriate (simple or complex) addition and subtraction math problems on several Post-It notes and stick them on the wall. Using colorful Post-It notes is best. Then write the answers to each of the problem on a seperate Post-It note, with the correlating color. This makes the activity a little bit easier for younger kids. You can completely miss-match the colors of the Post-It notes if the child is older. Now lay the notes with the answers out so the child can see all of their possible answers. I used a book that Alina (4) could hold herself and choose her answers.


post it math


What is my child learning?

-Addition & subtraction

-Fine motor skills


-Hand-eye coordination


I love making school subjects like math, fun and engaging. And honestly, math can be a little frustrating and difficult for a toddler or preschooler to get. So this activity is perfect at making addition and subtraction fun and actually enjoyable! I also love that this activity makes kids focus and spend a lengthy amount of time on something specific, this exercises their attention and cognitive skills. Another great thing about this activity is that they move! Gross motor skills are so important to strengthen and this activity allows movement, unlike a sitting activity. Got you wondering how can one simple activity develop and improve so many skills? Haha, it’s just great!


post it math


Go ahead and make this fun Post-It Math Activity today!


post it math

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