hold a leaf craft

Hold a Fall Leaf Fall Craft

fall craft

Fall is right around the corner, so I decided I’ll share with you this adorable and fun kids craft that anyone can make this fall!

All you need is some craft supplies and a set of little hands 🙂

I used basic cardstock for the base of the craft (kiddos can choose their of choice of color for this, Alina (4) picked yellow!). For the hands, use a skin toned color, so light tan or beige work best. You’ll also need some REAL leaves, so head outside and find some (we don’t have much folliage, but I did manage to find a beautiful young maple tree that had lots of folliage and tons of leaves on the ground).


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hold a leaf craft


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Cardstock paper




-Fall leaves



Trace both hands of your child onto the beige (skin toned) cardstock and cut out. Slightly draw lines on the cut-out hands to look like there’s all 5 fingers! Pick a colored cardstock for the base of the craft and glue two of the hands right onto the colored cardstock, making sure that the palms are up and thumbs are facing away from each other. Pick a medium sized fall leaf and glue right on to the palms. Glue 3-5 small sized leaves around the hands.

fall craft


What is my child learning?

-Hand-eye coordination

-Small/fine motor skills


hold a leaf craft


Celebrate the beautiful fall with this adorable craft!

hold a leaf craft

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