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Preschool Handprint Keepsake + Free Printable

Are there new mommies out there, who like me recently sent their baby to school…already…this soon? I’ve been thinking about this often lately. Alina (4) just started her A beka k4 program at home and I must admit, it’s both exciting, difficult and certainly a new step for us. She loves to learn and puts in a lot of effort in what she does and that makes me so happy. Though I’ll admit, her attention span needs a little practice, which is totally okay with me. First, she’s only 4. And second, English is like a second language for her because we speak primarily (almost exclusively!) Russian. And ofcourse with all babies, and especially first-born babies, it makes me realize just how fast the time flies (I may start to sob anytime now).

BUT, nonetheless it’s a wonderful time and four year olds are like little energizer bunnies, improving so many skills at once and developing their own personalities. I love watching that. And I’m enjoying every bit of this stage!

For a little keepsake (to remember how little she was!), I created this FREE PRINTABLE and I wanted to share it with you all, my friends. This handprint printable is free for you to print. Enjoy making this with your child (children) and put it into your keepsake folder or hang up on the wall!

preschool printable handprints


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First Day of Preschool Printable (click to print)

Washable paint

Foam brush



With your foam brush, brush on the paint onto your child hands making sure there’s an even thin layer. Let your child stamp his/her hands onto the printable and let dry. Meanwhile jot down their answers to the questions at the bottom!

preschool keepsake

preschool handprints


What are some of your favorite keepsake things to do?

Please share with me in the comments what crafts or activities you like to do with your children at the begining of each school year. And perhaps at the end. I’m new to this school thing and although excited and happy, I don’t want to miss any key aspects or a “must do” which will help remember these precious moments! Thank you!:)


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