yarn threading

Yarn Threading

yarn threading

I’m always on the look out for kids activities that take time or in other words, activities that will give mama some personal time πŸ˜‰ And this craft activity is JUST THAT! I love it and I love that Alina (4) loves it. She’ll spend good 15 minutes with one color and then I’ll help her switch colors and she’ll spend 15 minutes more.

Kids can get really creative with this if they’re older or they can simply thread and weave what ever they’d like creating their own piece of art. It’s always fun to see what my daughter creates. Sometimes she’ll say, “well this is me and mommy and these are swings…”. And I kind of just nod with a smile and try to imagine whatever it may be πŸ™‚

I’ll often give Alina the freedom to use her imagination and creativity with this craft, but sometimes I’ll use colored permanent markers and draw something simple (like a house as below) right on the plastic canvas and she would just need to pick and choose colors and “color” it in with the yarn.


yarn threading

yarn threading


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This Yarn Threading craft is intended for older children. So please keep in mind that even though we’re using yarn needle, which isn’t super sharp, it’s still a needle. Kids should remain sitting and supervised at all times. I suggest this activity for ages 4 and up.

yarn threading


So let’s begin!


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Yarn needle

Plastic canvas sheet



Use the whole sheet of plastic canvas for your craft or cut the sheet into 4 rectangles, like I did. Draw something simple on the canvas. Thread the yarn through the plastic yarn needle and let your child have fun! Help the child to switch colors as that can be tricky. Always supervise the kiddo.


yarn threading

yarn threading


What is my child learning?

-Hand-eye coordination



-Cognitive skills

-Brain development

-Small/fine motor skills


Craft activities such as Yarn Threading, are great in so many ways. I love how helpful they are for the development of children and for improving skills. They help improve small and fine motor skills (holding and threading with the needle) as well as hand-eye coordination and focus. They’re also great for cognitive skills (choosing which color to use next) and brain development.


yarn threading


Will you do this craft activity next?

yarn threading

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