fall leaf craft

Fall Leaf Stamping + Free Printable

fall leaf stamping

Fall is in the air, though not really considered fall yet. But kid’s are in school, nights get a bit chilly and I promise you I’ve see some fall leaves on the ground.

Last week we went out with the kids and found a beautiful young maple tree with the leaves turning into beautiful reds and oranges. Me (thinking ahead like always), HAD to collect some leaves for a future fall craft or activities. When we got home, we quickly set up and did the “Hold a Fall Leaf” craft which was super fun and Alina (4) had a blast.

But for this fun craft below you won’t need real leaves, so don’t worry if you can’t find any. I’ve provided you with a free printable of a maple leaf. Simply print, cut out and use as a stencil.


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fall lead stamping craft



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Free Leaf Printable (click to print)


White cardstock or light green like we used

Washable paint or food coloring

No-spill paint cups

-Paint brush



Print and cut out the maple leaf from the printable I’ve attached. Trace the leaf onto a white or light green cardstock and also cut out. Now, spread a good sized foil on a flat surface, like a table. Now previously I’ve done this both ways: you can use paint or food coloring. With the paint brush, let kids brush thin layers of paint (or dollop food coloring) right onto the foil, fall colors are most beautiful for this craft. Then, grab your cut out white/light green cardstock maple leaf and place right on top of the paint, let sit a minute. Now peel away the leaf gently and see the beautiful leaf you’ve created! Once it dries, you can punch a whole at the top and put a string through it to hang, that’s optional.


fall leaf stamping

fall leaf craft

fall leaf stamping


What is my child learning?


-Small/fine motor skills

-Hand-eye coordination



fall leaf craft


Which craft will you be doing tonight?

fall leaf stamping

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