number weave

Number Weave

number weave

I recently did the Yarn Threading activity with Alina (4) and she absolutely loved and enjoyed that craft idea. In fact, she still loves to come back to it and put her “finishing touches” to it. By saying finishing touches, I mean threading the yarn needle in every direction and in every way possible, creating pretty much a big mess. But the thing is, she found the threading part to be most interesting. Sticking a not-so-sharp (but still a needle) through something is apparently fascinating for kids…

But I did feel like my toddler was a little bit left out during the Yarn Threading craft. I typically like to do crafts, activities and games that both of my kids can be involved in together, learn or develop new skills and improve them. With Yarn Threading, however, I didn’t want Viktor (2) to use any sort of needles even if it’s a yarn needle, so Alina and I did this together while Vik napped.

I DID create something specially for him this time! Something where he can weave or “thread”, count and enjoy an erray of pretty colors. Perhaps learn them too!

Number weave took me less than 5 minutes to create. Seriously! May look like it took me longer, but I did this at 6 am while my coffee brewed.

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number weave



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Colored cardstock

Permanent marker


Hot glue gun with glue sticks

-Shoe lace



Cut 10 (1″x 6″) strips of colored cardstock. Using the permanent marker, number each strip of paper 1 through 10. Now using the hot glue gun, glue the ends of each strip of paper together to create a circle, then glue on to the cardboard. Make a hole at the bottom of the cardboard (I used my scissors) and secure the shoe lace. If your shoe lace isn’t long enough you can tie two together to create a long one or use a thin rope instead.


number weave for toddlers


What is my child learning?



-Fine/small motor skills

-Cognitive skills



number weave


Are you going to make this easy and fun activity for your toddlers?

number weave

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