secret art

Secret Autumn Art


How fun is this Secret Autumn Art craft? It’s so cool, I mean, it’s like a secret message that appears out of nowhere!


autumn art


Let me tell you, my kids had so much fun with this craft! I wanted to take a video of when the “art” appeared on their cardstock, but was too busy snapping pictures with my camera. But I loved watching their excitement and a little confusion how that just happened, ha ha!


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This craft requires minimal work for the parent to set up, and maybe a little bit of art skills, that’s all!


autumn art

secret autumn art



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White crayon

Watercolor paint



With your white crayon, draw something Autumn related all over the cardstock. I drew a pumpkin patch, a sun, some clouds and a few corn stocks. You can get super creative with this or keep it simple with one object, like a large pumpkin. Now, prepare some water for your watercolors and let your kids brush the paints over the drawing your made. Don’t forget to watch your kids reactions!


secret art


What is my child learning?



-Hand-eye coordination


-Fine motor skills


So what are you waiting for, lets do this craft!



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