fizzing ice cubes

Fizzing Ice Cubes

fizzing ice cubes

Have you ever noticed a similarity between children and scientists? I often find my toddler experimenting with what ever he can find. For example, I use Epsom Salt in my kids’ baths and they love to play around with the salt before dissolving it, mixing, scooping and sprinkling it over the water. Or when I’m in the kitchen and they come in wanting to help. They start scooping and mixing the flour or the eggs with a serious yet excited face as if they’re biologists in a lab.

Toddlers and preschoolers are naturally full of wander and it’s typical for them to create their own little experiments. They want to see what happens next! And this activitiy is sooo exciting. Fizzing ice cubes is easy to prep and you might have all of the items needed right in your home. Kids will LOVE this activity!

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fizzing ice cubes



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Ice cube tray

-Food coloring

-Distilled vinegar


-Baking soda

-Casserole dish

-Small bowl

Droppers/syringes/measuring spoons




Using your ice cube tray, fill as many ice cube spaces with a tablespoon of baking soda. Drop a couple drops of foodcoloring into each cube, using different colors for each cube and mixing colors for other cubes. Add a bit of water to each cube and stir (I used a skewer). Freeze overnight. When ice cubes are frozen, place them into a large casserole dish. Add half cup of vinegar to the small bowl. The set up is done! Now, let your kids use the dropper to drop small drops (that’s a lot of dropping!) of vinegar right onto the ice cube. Watch them fizz and colors mix!


fizzing ice cubes

fizzing ice cubes


What is my child learning?


-Small motor skills

-Brain development

-Cognitive skills



fizzing ice cubes

fizzing ice cubes

(those serious faces ha ha)


Have fun with this kids experiment!

ice cubes

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