ribbon cutting

Ribbon Cutting Tray

ribbon cutting tray

Do you love kid activities that keeps them so busy and concentrated they can’t hear your voice calling them a million times in midst of absolute silence? I do! And this Ribbon Cutting Tray is just that!

It’s easy to set-up. All you need is a couple kid-safe scissors and a bunch of ribbon (I’ve used all sorts of ribbons I’ve found around the house!)

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A variety of ribbons

Kid-safe scissors




Place all sorts of ribbons onto a tray (or use a seperated “tray” as I’ve used) and place a couple kid-safe scissors. Annnddddd that’s it!


ribbon cutting ribbon cuttting


What is my child learning?

-Fine/small motor skills (holding the scissors with thumb and pointer finger helps improve and strengthen)

-Cutting (using scissors to cut the ribbons helps work on scissor skills)

-Textures (your child will fimiliarize with different textures, colors and weights)

-Focus/concentration (this activity is great for independent work and for quite times)


ribbon cutting


This is such a simple activity, do it today!


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