Painting in a Baggie

painting in a baggie

This must be the best painting craft by far! I love it because the clean-up is so easy…actually the word clean-up doesn’t even make sense here! There’s nothing you must do after the kids are done besides tossing the baggie in the trash. Other than the clean-up part, setting up takes less than 3 minutes. I’ve timed (I promise).

corn painting

corn painting

Kids will love this, especially those messy little toddlers. They love paint, have you noticed? My Vik is a little over two (I’m constantly calling him toddler though). They love to use paint, touch it with their fingers, get it all over their face, shirt, window, floor…but hey, I actually don’t mind that. Okay, maybe I mind, but I don’t make a big deal over it and using washable paint helps, haha. Anyways, toddlers are messy and usually explore things like textures with their senses (touch), so it’s expected for kids to be messy. But with this activity you’re simply containing the mess in a baggie!

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Sandwich bags

Washable paint


Permanent marker



Super easy to set up. Take your baggie and draw something large right on it. I chose to do a corn stalk. Now squirt a bit of paint into the baggie (make sure the colors make sense. I used only yellow and green). Lastly tape the baggie, using your tape, onto any window or sliding door like I did.

Kids will have a blast with this activity and it will keep them busy too!


corn painting


What is my child learning?



-Fine motor skills



This super simple painting craft improves many areas of a child’s development, believe it or not. Besides the fun in this craft, they’re learning to be creative, use their imagination and learn their colors. Children need to use their little fingers to spread the paint into the right spot, thus working on their fine motor skills!


corn painting

What are you waiting for? Grab a baggie! 🙂


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