scooping bin

Scooping Bin

scooping bin

Yay for scooping! Kids love it and did you know scooping, pouring and dumping activities are all great in many ways, though they might seem simple and boring? Scooping takes skill and requires lots of concentration and hand-eye coordination. And the best part (my favorite part!) is that they stay busy with activities, such as this Scooping Bin, for a loooong time!

scooping bin

This activity is so simple to set up and you might actually have everything right in your house for it. It’s such a great activity if you want the kids to stay indpendent of you for a while. Perhaps you need some chores or cooking done or maybe just to sit down on the sofa with a cup of tea for a little bit. We all need a break in the middle of the day 🙂 Trust me, kids WILL stay busy with this Scooping Bin! And I have many different bins and trays to keep them busy, check them out below!

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-Scoopers or spoons


-Glass/plastic bottles




Dump your rice, peas and beans into the bin and place the bottles and scoopers right into it as well. And voila! Done!


scooping bin

scooping bin


What is my child learning?

-Hand-eye coordination

-Small/fine motor skills



As I have mentioned a little bit above, this activity is great for focus and independent play. It also helps them discover their senses (touching the textures of rice, peas and beans). Scooping takes concentration and works on hand-eye coordination. In other words, this is THE perfect activity for toddlers, won’t you say?


sensory bin

Let’s get scoopin’!


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