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Story Time Saturdays: Pop-Up Peekaboo! Farm

Hey and welcome to my new series “Story Time Saturdays”! These are going to be a posts (hopefully every Saturday, fingers crossed) where I’ll be sharing a book and combining it with play! This idea came from, let’s just say, my children. They love a good book, but they love it even more when it’s combined with a prop, or something that goes along with the story. Something they can feel and touch, play or look at. This creates a unigue approach to just plainly-reading-a-book. Story Time Saturdays allows kids to be fully engaged, uses their skills to play and makes reading a whole lot more fun!


Along with play, I’ll be sharing how you can modify or broaden the story line of a specific book. This can be done in various, absolutely fun ways. Questions to go along, acting out a scene, feeling, playing, etc. This isn’t difficult to do, but by doing so you’re helping the child read, understand, focus and develop many other skills.




Book: For this Story Time, I’ve chosen the Pop-Up Peekaboo! Farm children’s book, perfect for babies and toddlers.

-Colorful, large pictures (attractive for a child)

-Large font (helps letter recognition)

-Pop-up (works on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination)

For the prop: Farm Tractor

(the one we used is no longer available, so I’ve linked another cool one kid’s would love)



Story Time:

  1. Prep the prop and book and allow the child to look at them. Ask a couple questions to capture their attention.
  2. As you read, allow the child to flip the pages him or herself and pop-up the flaps using their thumbs and pointer fingers.
  3. Ask the child about the animals under the flaps. What color are they? What noise do they make? What food do the eat? Where do they live? What’s your favorite animal? Try to ask these questions through out the book, so they’ll feel like they’re interacting with you.
  4. Ask the child to point to the animals on the tractor. Ask what noise the tractor makes? What does it do?
  5. Help the child act out the animals! Be silly!

Check out the 14 Fun Flap Childrens Books for some awesome flap books!





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