shoelace threading

Shoelace Caterpillar Apple Threading


I absolutely love recyclable activities and crafts (as you may have noticed!). Children, especially toddlers, don’t need fancy toys or games (#1 parent-lesson learned).

Pots + spoons= drums!

Bubblebath + duplo= magical kingdom!

Baking soda + vinegar= scientists in the making!

You get the point. You may have everything in the house right now to help your child develop BEST! The simplest form of activities can stimulate a child’s brain development and improve so many areas of child’s development, so, my theory, why spend $20 on something the child will play with perhaps for a week and then leave it laying around the house creating clutter?

shoe lace

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-Colored permanent markers



Take your cardboard and make as many double holes as you’d like with something sharp (be careful doing this! I used a screw driver and put the cardboard on the rug while poking, this worked wonderfully. But you’re welcomed to use a hole puncher if it will work through cardboard). Now freehand draw apples right where the two holes are. Next attach the shoelace to the bottom of the cardboard by tieing it and use the colored permanent markers to draw a little caterpilllar on the tip/plastic part of the shoelace. I just made it green. And that’s it!


shoelace threading


What is my child learning?

-Improves fine/small motor skills as the child has to hold the small plastic end of a shoelace

-Works on hand-eye coordination when the child is working with a small object and tries to put it through a hole

-Great for calming a child if anxious or tired

-Great for keeping the child busy (for quite some time! Score!)

-Builds nerve connections


Isn’t this simple activity plain awesome? It develops, improves, exercises and even builds when it comes to childs’ development. Encourage your child to play with activities such as this, as they are so amazing for them and FUN!




Will you do this fun activity for your toddler? Come on, grab some shoelace and a cardboard!



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