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Salt Tray Math

salt tray

This is simply an amazing activity that anyone can do today! Literally, requires only a tray and some salt. I bet you have both of those at now right now. Okay and some flashcards.

Alina (4) was so surprised I was dumping all that salt into a tray but she had soooo much fun learning her math this way. Writing and drawing using it is fascinating!

salt math tray


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Permanent markers



Dump enough salt into the tray to cover the bottom completely (too much salt will make it difficult to write). Using the permanent markers write addition or subtraction math problems on the flashcards, keeping in mind your childs’ age. Rules are simple: the child has to go through all of the cards writing full math problem out and solving them!


salt tray math

salt math tray



What is my child learning?


-Number recognition

-Fine motor skills

-Hand-eye coordination



-Cognitive skills


Wow, now THAT’s a list! This is truly an easy activity to set up and it helps improve so many areas of a childs’ development. From writing, using fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to working on focus/concentration and of course memorizing, recognizing and learning math.


salt tray math

(look at those little fingers learning to count! 🙂



Have fun learning math using this salt tray today!

salt tray



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