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Alphabet Magnet Letter Match

alphabet magnet game

This is a fun game that I do all the time with my daughter! It’s PERFECT FOR PRESCHOOLERS!

Alina (4) is learning her alphabet letters and is starting to read simple words, like “DOG”, “MAMA” and “PAPA” as well as recognizing her and her brothers names. I’m pretty proud of her to say the least! She also loves to play a simple game of “What starts with “x” letter?” I’ll name her a letter and she’ll come up with a word that starts with that letter by sounding it out.

I’m actually quite fascinated by how quick toddlers and preschoolers catch on. Truly like sponges!

alphabet magnet game






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-Parchment paper

-Colored permanent markers

-Scotch tape

-Alphabet magnets (I’ve linked our Melissa and Doug ones, but any would work!)




First, come up with several EASY words by laying them onto the parchment paper. Trace the letters and use the tape to hang onto the fridge. Scramble all of your matching letters above the parchment paper. Rules are easy; let your child match the alphabet magnet letters to the letters in the words below and place them over the traced letters. Once all of the letters are matched, let the child read the words himself or help them out.

leter match


letter match


What is my child learning?

-Alphabet letters


-Cognitive skills (matching, thinking, evaluating)

-Hand-eye coordination (taking the letter and placing it carefully over the traced letter)

-Concentration (being focused on one particular job helps a child with concentration, as well as independent work)

-Fine motor skills (using the thumb and pointer finger to pick up the letter magnets)

-Gross motor skills (kids are standing and moving around, ALWAYS A PLUS!)


This activity focuses on a very broad spectrum of childs’ development. It involves the use of motor skills, brain and everything in between. HOW AWESOME!


letter match



Make this easy letter game today!

letter match

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