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Thanksgiving Sensory Bin


I’ve created this simple Thanksgiving/Fall Sensory Bin after I saw my two year old picking the “berries” off of my floral arrangement I’ve put on our dining table. I know kids his age are all about sensory play and they love using their thumbs and pointer fingers to pinch and pick up. And that’s great! As it encourages brain development, small motor skills and focus. And my mama-self thought why not create a simple Thanksgiving sensory bin that would improve all of those important skills and my child will have fun doing what interests him!

It’s nothing fancy, nothing hard to put together and in fact, you might have everything right at home for this sensory activity!


sensory bin

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-Dry corn

-Metal condiment cups

Gelato spoons

-Fall finds (such as pine cones, floral arrangements, leaves, etc.)



Dump the corn into the tray and place all of your add-ins right into the tray. That’s it!





What is my child learning?

-Senses (builds nerve connections, helps improve motor skills, cognitive growth and problem solving)

-Focus/Concentration (quiet play helps with independent play and being able to focus for a longer period of time on something specific)

-Fine motor skills (picking up corn and other small objects in the bin)

-Hand-eye coordination (scooping with the tiny spoons into the cups exercises and improves hand-eye coordination)


Sensory bins are one of my favorite activities to give to my children. In fact, I have a whole array of trays and bins on top of my kitchen cabinets ready to go. Sensory play is great in so many ways and the more child does sensory play activities the better they grow, develop and improve skills!




What sensory play idea are you going to do with your child today?



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