moon sand

2- Ingredient Moon Sand

moon sand

Moon Sand is FUN! It’s crumbly, yet moldable. Soft, yet crunches when you press it together. It’s hard to describe it with one word and basically what I’m saying is your have to try it for yourself to see!

Your kids will have a blast playing around with it, squeezing it, molding it, crumbling it, using their creativity and imagination while at it. They’ll improve and exercise their fine motor skills, senses, focus and develop new brain connections. Sensory play is sooo good for kids!

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So let’s begin! The process to make Moon Sand is super easy (ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS + Essential oil and turmeric, but that’s optional!) even my 4 year old helped!

moon sand


You’ll need:

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4.5 cups corn starch (you can use more or less depending on the consistency you want)

1 cup coconut oil (you can also use olive or any other oil you have)

Lavender Essential Oil (optional)

Sprinkle of Turmeric for color (optional)


Large bowl


Bin or Pyrex dish

Play-dough cutters



Grab an extra large mixing bowl (the bigger the better as it makes things a little less messy). To the bowl add 4.5 cups corn starch, along with 1 cup liquid coconut oil.  If you’re using turmeric and lavender essential oil, add into the coconut oil, mix and then add to corn starch. Mix with a fork, then use fingers to combine. Dump into a flat bin and add your add-ins.


*Tip: Even though cornstarch absorbs most of the oil, Moon Sand can still be oily, so please be careful with clothes or any other fabric you might have around to prevent oil stains. ALSO, place newspaper, gift wrapping or an old bed sheet underneath your tray for easy clean up!


moon sand

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