flower tray

Creative Play Flower Tray

flower tray

If you have any old flowers or arrangements that are starting to lose their beauty, then this activity is for you! If you don’t have any at home, you can go outside and pick some flowers and grass and dandelions there, it’s simple! All you need is a few plants or flowers and whatever craft supplies you may have on hand.

This is a super fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers! They’ll use their creativity and come up with their own creations! Best part is, there’s no instructions. Kids are allowed to use all of the supplies in any way they want, even I got carried away 🙂

flower tray

flower tray

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-Old flowers (petals, stems, greenary)

Kid-safe scissors

Glue (or gluestick)

Tray with seperations

Construction paper




Arrange all of your flowers and supplies so the child can see them all and choose what he’d like to use (I really like to use a tray with many separations to keep all of the supplies neat and separated). Prep is done! Now let your child use his/her imagination and creativity to make some amazing creations and art pieces!

flower tray

flower tray


What is my child learning?



-Small motor skills (using the scissors, picking up the petals, etc.)

-Hand-eye coordination (using the scissors and gluesticks)

-Focus (trust me, your child will be at it for quite some time!)

flower tray

flower tray

flower tray

(My little creation 🙂



Are you going to make this simple Creativity Tray?

flower tray


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