name rubbings

Name Rubbings

name rubbings

This Name Rubbings activity for preschoolers is so good. They’ll to recognize letters, learn the spelling of their names and to develop many important skills!

They’ll have fun rubbing the crayons over their paper to reveal some amazing letters. Using a different color for each letter makes it even more fun!

It’s really easy to set up and only requires the adult to use the hot glue gun to “write” out the letters. That’s it!

name rubbings

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Card stock or flash cards


Hot glue gun

White cardstock/paper



With your hot glue gun, write each letter from your childs’ name (1 letter per 2″x 4″ card or flash card, I cut my papers out). Now, let your child stick the card with the letter underneath the white paper and scribble lightly with the crayon. You’ll see the letter appear! So fun!

name rubbings


What is my child learning?

-Hand-eye coordination (using crayons over the letter to trace)


-Letter recognition

-Fine/small motor skills (holding on to the crayons)


This activity is great for the brain, let’s just say that! It works on sight and recognition of letters and helps with learning to spell their names, as well as learn the letter of the alphabet. Using the crayon to go over the hot glue letter improves and exercises fine/small motor skills and of course you’ll see focus and concentration from your child while he/she is doing this activity.

name rubbings


Are you going to make this fun activity with your preschoolers?

name rubbings

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