turkey puppets

Turkey Puppets (Quick video tutorial)

turkey puppets

Happy (upcoming) Thanksgiving my friends!

I’ve got these Turkey Puppets craft for you today! Perfect crafting idea you can do with your preschoolers (and even toddlers) this Thanksgiving. These turkey puppets only require some basic craft supplies and a little assisiting from the parent.

I did this craft with Alina (4) and she loved it. I only helped with the cutting, otherwise she was able to use her little fingers to glue on the parts of the turkey 🙂


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-Cardstock (brown, orange, red)

-Craft scissors


-Googly eyes

-Popsicle stick

-Paper cupcake liner (beige)

-Something round (approx. 1.5″, I’ve used a jar lid)



turkey puppets



I suggest cutting out all parts out ahead of time, especially if crafting with small children.

Trace a jar lid onto your brown cardstock and cut out. Then, cut a small wattle out of the red cardstock. Also, cut the snood by folding the orange cardstock together and cutting a small triangle.

tukey puppets


Bend the muffin cup almost in half, so you can see two layers of “feathers”. Glue onto the popsicle stick. Then glue on the brown circle right onto the muffin cup. Add the googly eyes, glue on the snood and wattle.

turkey puppets


What is my child learning?

This crafts is best for preschoolers and older children. During this craft they’ll learn how to trace, use safety scissors (if they’ll be cutting) and glue stick. They’ll be working on hand-eye coordination, improving their concentration skills and small motor skills.


turkey puppets


What Thanksgiving crafts are you doing with your little ones?

turkey puppets

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