dye rice

How to dye rice (only 3 ingredients & 3 steps & video tutorial)

dye rice

I have a super easy recipe for dyeing rice! It only requires 3 ingredients and you’ll be done in 3 quick steps.

Kids love playing with these little grains, but pink, or blue, or purple, or green ones? MAGICAL! If your kids love sensory bins and you would love to add some dyed rice to them (and if you were always weary of the process), fear no more! I’ve done it and so can you 🙂  In fact, this could be a great activity to do along with kids. They could do the steps and you can help. However, I did this on my own because I can’t imagine having a two year old with food coloring in one room-ha ha!

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dye rice


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1 cup rice (even brown works! )

Food coloring

1 tsp white distilled vinegar

Ziploc bag

Parchment paper


How to:

Place 1 cup rice, few drops of foodcoloring of choice and teaspoon vinegar into a ziploc baggie. Shake until all of it is coated. Let dry for one hour, in a thin layer on parchment paper. DONE!

This recipe makes one cup of dyed rice, and you can make as many colorful batches as you want!

dyed rice



how to dye rice

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