letter fishing game

Letter Fishing Game

letter fishing

I’ve got a fun activity for you today, Letter Fishing Game! My kids had a blast, so I KNOW it’s fun 😉 It’s super engaging, works on A LOT of skills at once and kids will spend a good amount of time fishing their little letters out + it doesn’t require anything fancy for set-up!

I came up with this activity one day when I needed my little one to stay independent for some time. While I had my handy bins on top of my kitchen cabinets as usual, I wondered how I could amp up the good old rice bin. And because I was working with Alphabet Letter Magnets with my daughter the day before, they were staring at me from the top of my fridge. IDEA BORN!

Aren’t the best activities are the ones you don’t need to go all fancy about, go to the store or spend a fortune on materials? I think so!

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letter fishing game



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-Alphabet Letter Magnets

-Fishing pole (we use our Melissa and Doug fishing set)

-Corn (beans or rice, whatever you have on hand!)

-Flat bin


You might need an extra strong magnet on your fishing rod. Depends on your rod strength and the alphabet magnets. I used 2 extra small magnets I have on hand that did the trick.



Dump the corn into the bin and scatter the alphabet letters on top slightly pressing into the corn.

fishing game

fishing game


What is my child learning?

-Hand-eye coordination (fishing takes SKILL!)

-Concentration (you know, that opened-mouth focused look)

-Letter recognition (by naming the fished-out letter this activity can help kids learn the alphabet)

-Gross motor skills (kids are moving around!)


fishing game

fishing game

(a little bin of cheesin’ because we’re cheating!)

Try this fun activity with your little ones today!

fishing game

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