salt snowflakes

Salt Snowflakes Painting (Quick Video Tutorial)


Are you looking for some easy but fun kid craft ideas for this cold season? This Salt Snowflake Painting is a must! Why? Well, first because you most likely have all the materials needed right at home and if not, I’ve linked them all for you (affiliate links). Second, it’s fun! Kid’s will looooove it!

Salt snowflakes are beautiful, icy and magical. The watercolors spread over the salt like “little colorful lava”. You’ll see for yourself!

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salt snowflakes



(this list contains affiliate links)


Elmers glue

Cardstock (white or any color really…)

Watercolors with brush

-Cup (for water)



With your glue, draw as many snowflakes as you can on the cardstock. Make them in different sizes, shapes and styles. Sprinkle the salt over the wet glue making sure every part of the snowflake is covered. Shake excess salt off and let dry. Once dry, let your child use watercolors to paint over the salt snowflakes by dabbing the paint brush up and down.

salt snowflakes

salt snowflakes

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What is my child learning?

-Creativity and imagination (allowing the child to choose the desired colors and make their own art their way)

-Colors (try naming the colors if working with toddlers to help memorize them)

-Hand-eye coordination (holding the paint brush and painting the thin lines of the snowflakes)

-Focus and concentration

-Small motor skills (holding the brush with thumb and pointer finger)

salt snowflakes


Are you going to make this simple but FUN craft with your kids this winter?


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