cardstock tunnels

Cardstock Tunnels

cardstock tunnels

I love how these Cardstock Tunnels came out! And you would never know they’re my leftover and used cardstock from past crafts, would you?

They’re so simple to make too, you’ll love it!

Sidenote: I like to dilute step-by-step crafts that I do with my four year old with something simple yet fun for my toddler. He’s two and activities for him don’t usually need to require fancy set-ups and long instructions. Ohhhh how I looove that! Simple is best for two year olds, right?

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For this activity you’ll need cardstock. Maybe you have a ton leftover like I did, even if they have parts of it cut and such, they can STILL be used. You’ll also need scotch tape to secure the tunnels and a bunch of Hotwheels cars. My son has an enormous collections and absolutely loves them!

When I was done setting these up (without kids help) I brought my son into the room after his nap and his reaction was priceless! He opened his mouth with a little precious“woahh!”, a smile and a glance at me, then the table with tunnels, then me again. I starting chuckling, because I was thinking inside how simple-looking it was, how easy it was to make and honestly, thankful for this leftover cardstock I’ve had!

cardstock tunnels




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Colored Cardstock

Scotch tape

Hotwheels cars (I’ve linked some fun ones! But small trains, trucks work too!)



Instructions couldn’t be easier! Find a table where you can easily tape your tunnels to (floor works too!). Now take your cardstock, trim into a rectangle/square if need to. Fold the sides length wise, about half inch. Tape one side down using the flap you’ve created, now tape the other side creating a tunnel. Viola, you’ve made a tunnel! Try making the tunnels in different colors, lengths and sizes.

P.S.- Now Mama, you might get carried away building a cardstock world here. I did. Tunnels, roads, bridges…but you don’t have too. I photographed my cheesy conctruction below for you.


cardstock tunnels

cardstock tunnels


What is my child learning?

-Imagination and creativity (this activity allows kids to create their own story, scene)

-Independent play (builds great independency skills by focusing a child on one activity at a time)

-Small/fine motor skills (pulling the cars through tunnels, grasping them, holding them)

-Cognitive skills (thinking, evaluating)

cardstock tunnels


Do you have leftover cardstock? Make these tunnels today!

cardstock tunnels

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