tree branch painting

Christmas Tree Branch Painting

branch painting

Hey there, well I’ve got a fun little craft idea for you today! Painting is fun as it is, but I had an idea of “spicing” up the good old paint brush with something unique! And thus, a Christmas tree branch! My kids (2 and 4), thought this was a fantastic idea and had a blast doing this craft! At first they gave me a “deer in the headlights” look as if I crazy for handing them a branch to paint with. So I had to explain to them a little bit that we’re having fun and trying something new. They were thrilled!

Painting with something other than a paintbrush creates a new, unique crafting experience and works on many skills too! B

branch painting

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-Christmas tree branch

Washable kids paint

Cardstock (any color)

-Paper plate



Add a little bit of each paint color to the paper plate. Let your child use the tree branch as the paintbrush!

branch painting


What is my child learning?

-Creativity and imagination (allowing the child to choose their own colors and create an art piece of their own)

-Fine/small motor skills (holding the branch with the thumb and pointer finger)


-Focus and concentration

-Sensories (holding the prickly tree branch)

branch painting

branch painting


Grab a Christmas tree branch and start painting today!

branch painting

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