painting snow

Painting Snow

painting snow

Have some fun with this Painting Snow activity!

Kids love snow! But how about painting it?!

We got our first snow a couple weeks ago and my kids absolutely loved playing around in it. It’s funny how the very first snowfall of the season always feels like the first in their life 😉 And although an idea crossed my mind to do this super fun “painting snow” activity outdoors, the snow melted in a couple days and we never got to do it. And of course no snow in the forecast.


BUT…I’ve brought my idea indoors and made this super fun painting activity right at home!

All you need is a few materials, of which you might already have some at home, and less than 5 minutes of prep. YES, LESS THAN 5 MINUTES OF PREP! Doesn’t that sound lovely?

This Painting Snow activity is so quick to set up and perfect for those cold wintery days!

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painting snow



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Fiber filling (pillow stuffing)

Washable kids paint

Flat bin

Paint brushes


-Paper cups



Dump the pillow stuffing into the bin. Add some water to the paper cups and a bit of desired paint colors (hint- do them all!)

painting snow



What is my child learning?

-Creativity (coloring and exploring the “snow”)

-Fine motor skills (holding the thin paint brush with thumb and pointer finger)

-Hand-eye coordination


painting snow


Will you make this super fun kids activity?

snow painting

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