watercolor coffee filter snowflakes

Watercolor Coffee Filter Snowflakes (quick video tutorial)

watercolor coffee filter snowflakes

These Watercolor Coffee Filter Snowflakes are super fun to make aaaand…super EASY!

I made this craft with both of my kids the other day and sort of thought of it on a whim. Long day, bored kids, coffee filters! Right? Who would think that something almost everyone has in their homes makes such an awesome craft idea? Well, coffee filters got me thinking…and since they’re so thin and absorbant I thought that painting them would be a brilliant idea!

Kids love painting and this craft requires watercolors! In fact, when you use different watercolors they spread quickly mixing together creating the most beautiful snowflake- almost like a tie-dye!

watercolor coffee filter snowflakes

Watch this quick video tutorial:


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Coffee filters (large)

Watercolors with paintbrush

Craft scissors or kid-safe scissors

-Cup of water




Fold the coffee filter in half, then again and once more. Use the watercolors to paint over the coffee filter on both sides, making sure the watery paint saturates the whole filter (don’t add too much water or oversoak it). Unfold the coffee filter and TA-DA…a beautiful colorful snowflake. Place on something flat and dry.

They looks great if you tape them to the windows in kids room or even better…make a garland out of them!


watercolor coffee filter snowflakes

watercolor coffee filter snowflakes

What is my child learning?

-Fine/small motor skills (folding, using the scissors and paint brush with little fingers strengthens this skill)

-Hand-eye coordination (especially if doing this craft with toddlers, painting the snowflake helps improve hand-eye coordination)

-Creativity (letting your child choose his/her own colors and making their own snowflake design allows your child to develop their own level of creativity and imagintion as well as further develop their brains and build new nerve connections.

-Focus (crafts are always great activities to improve focus and concentration, all very important skills to work on in children)


watercolor coffee filter snowflakes


Will you make these beautiful and easy coffee filter snowflakes?

watercolor coffee filter snowflakes



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