Gift Guide- 14 Practical toys for siblings

gift guide

For this gift guide, I’ve come up with a few toys that BOTH of your kids might enjoy, no matter the age difference!

I have a 2 and a 4 year old and they usually play together. So I was thinking, why don’t I gift them something this Christmas that they BOTH can use and enjoy. Less toys to buy, less wrapping, less hassle + happy and content kids? Yes, please!

All of these toys below are awesome, super fun and your kids will absolutely loooovee them! We have several of the toys I’ve linked so I can vouch for their awesomeness! These toys are best for 2-5+ year olds.


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1. LEGO Creative Brick Box

Lego is always a good idea, especially a creative box such as this. There’s many pieces, plenty for everyone and it works on their creativity and imagination as well as fine motor skills. My kids can spend hours playing, creating their little constructions!


2. Building Blocks

This is a large set. It has 52 pieces, so every child can get enough pieces to create their own constructions. With these fun building blocks there’s endless possibilities and they’ll surely keep them busy!


3. Hape Wooden Marble Run Construction

Fun wooden marble run, engages the child and explores congitive skills such as thinking, predicting, guessing and wondering.



4. Grimm’s Extra Large 12- piece Rainbow Tunnel

Endless possibilities with this Grimm’s Rainbow Tunnel and kids love love love these.


5. Indian Canvas Teepee

Adorable children’s tent. Durable, large and super cozy. Kids will be EXCITED for this gift!


6. Melissa and Doug Easel

Easels are wonderful. Perfect for two kids because there’s TWO SIDES and kids can take turns drawing on the white board or chalk board. My kids absolutely love their easel and spend pretty much everyday drawing on it!


7. Alex Button Art

This is perfect for younger kids. I got one of these for my 2 year old son this year after reading some good reviews about it. I’m excited to see my son working with the little buttons creating some beautiful art. I’m sure he’ll love it and your kids too!


8. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

Pretend play is one of the best ways to develop a child’s creativity and imagination! And this play kitchen is awesome, has lots of features and looks gorgeous in any kids room. We have a similar kids play kitchen and it’s one of the
“toys” my kids love to spend time at.

9. Melissa and Doug Kitchen Accessories

Accessorize your play kitchen with these kitchen essentials! Don’t they all look so real?

10. Eco-Dough Tool Set

This is my go-to play dough. Natural, non-toxic ingredients and smells of amazing rosemary! It’s super soft too!


11. Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic blocks are a trend and for good reason. They’re super fun, helps improve hand-eye coordination and broadens childs’ creativity. These are a must! My mom has these over at her place and my kids have so much fun playing with these every time they come over.


12. Melissa and Doug Fishing Poles

We have one of these Melissa and Doug Fishing Pole sets and the kiddos love them. Best part is they come with TWO FISHING poles, perfect for siblings!




13. Alex Busy Box

This busy box is large, with many pieces enough for siblings. Every mom should have one of these to keep kids busy!



14. Crayola Super Art Kit

All kids love to draw, so this large Crayola kit is the way to go! It includes all of the drawing essentials and come in a large box perfect for storage.




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gift guide


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