elsa snowglobe

Elsa Snowglobe (Quick Video Tutorial)

elsa snowglobe

This Elsa Snowglobe is so easy to make and looks beautiful! It only requires water, no glycerin! So simple!

My daughter (4) and I had so much fun creating this beautiful stormy snowglobe together and she was thrilled to help. I handled the hot glue gun of course, but she did the rest! Kids love to be part of little projects like these. They help them develop so many important skills like concentration, small motor skills and creativity.

So if you’re looking for a simple, fun wintery craft for your kids, keep on looking below for full instructions!

Watch this quick video tutorial!



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Small jar

Craft snow (or glitter!)

-Elsa toy (we used the Elsa doll from this Disney Castle we have) 


Hotglue gun with gluesticks




Start my glueing your Elsa toy to the inside of the jar lid. Then add craft snow or glitter to the jar and fill with water, almost to the top. Carefully close the jar with the lid and tighten (VERY TIGHTLY). Done! Swirl the jar to create a beautiful Frozen snowstorm!




What is my child learning?

-Hands on work (creating something such as this snowglobe is an excellent hands-on project)

-Small motor skills 

-Creativity and imagination


Make this snowglobe with your kids today!

elsa snowglobe



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